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“Happy Tails” – Peanut & Champagne

Our “Happy Tails” story started on March 1st, when we adopted sisters Champagne and Peanut. Our Happy Tails should be called a “Fairy Tail”, because we couldn’t be happier with our new kitties.

We previously owned cats but when our last one passed away, we just couldn’t bear to expose our hearts again to such loss. We have talked about adopting but always found an excuse.

We have enjoyed visiting Living Free over the years and it has remained a favorite place to bring friends and family. We are so proud of the work that they do. We’ve always said the animals that live there are so well cared for and loved. That would help to ease our guilt each time we left without bringing home a new friend.

Then we had an epiphany…

While attending a Living Free-sponsored event in Palm Desert, we heard that one of the dogs, Coffee, had found a new home. Later that day, we went up to Living Free. While checking in at the office we told one of the volunteers of Coffee’s good fortune. The enthusiastic response and joy that the volunteer expressed was so genuine. It made us realize that the adoption is really what it’s all about. Placing these loving animals in a home, not just caring for them in a continuous state of waiting.

We looked at each other and at that moment decided it was time to open our home and our hearts. We went over to the Cattery and was immediately greeted by Champagne and Peanut. Beautiful, affectionate cats. We had remembered seeing them over the years, their coloring is striking and the personalities are unforgettable. After our visit, all we could do is talk about these two and imagine them in our lives. Well, two days later we went back and made it official.

Our house is now a home. Our only regret is that we waited as long as we did. We could have enjoyed these wonderful cats years ago. We would like to encourage anyone considering adoption to act on it. Animals add so much to our lives and we can add so much to theirs. Our cats are older, but we are getting older too. We will just enjoy any time we have together. We all deserve to receive love and with our girls, we are definitely the benefactors.

Thank you to Living Free, the staff and volunteers for the wonderful work they do. They are changing the lives of the animals and the people that are fortunate enough to experience the love of Living Free. You can say our “Happy Tails” has ended with happily ever after.

Dennis & Wendy