Almost Home | 2020

We’ve run the numbers, and if only 20% of people seeking a companion animal adopted a rescue instead of buying from a retail store or a puppy or kitten mill, it would virtually end the need for healthy animal euthanasia.

There has been a groundswell of no-kill initiatives from the rescue community nationwide.  We all sense that this goal, while ambitious, can be accomplished and that it’s our responsibility to do all we can to see it through.

Our initiative is “Almost Home 2020” with a target date of 2020 for the US to become a no-kill nation.  We’ve developed several strategies that enable us to do our part, including increasing public awareness, pushing for local and regional legislative changes, and pushing for stricter enforcement of existing laws against inhumane commercial breeders.  We truly believe that, in alliance with others in the no-kill community, we can get there.  If you have ideas, suggestions or connections and would like to participate, please email Randall Harris at