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Mercy for the Kittens, A Unique Opportunity to Help!

Kitten Season is upon us. It sounds cute but in reality, it can be too much of a good thing. The influx of rescued animals means more food, money and space is needed in shelters and sanctuaries around the country.

This year, we’re introducing “Mercy For The Kittens” in honor of Mercy and her siblings shown in the video. After rescuing them, we worked night and day to help them survive, grow and thrive, and eventually find loving homes. And right now, two of our generous donors will match YOUR donation, dollar for dollar, up to $25,000. 

Caring for kittens not only requires compassionate people power for all those feedings (thank you volunteers and staff!), but funds to cover veterinarian fees, medicine, supplies, food unique to a growing kitten’s needs, and space to house them as they mature to an adoptable age and size.

So, can you spare the cost of a lattè? The spare change you’ve collected in your car and sofa? The price of your favorite breakfast tacos? Maybe you let your hair grow a little longer this month? Binge-watch Netflix instead of a big night out? A garage sale? Maybe your office would like to get involved? Whatever you can contribute, every dollar counts! It’s not every day we have this opportunity, with funds matched dollar for dollar. Please help us make the most of the offer from our generous donors!

Donate now at www.living-free.org/donate to have your funds matched and help save the lives of kittens in need.

Join us on Twitter or Facebook to help spread the word. Sharing these posts is one of the best things you can do to help spread the word, and we appreciate every share and tweet. #mercyforkittens

Thank you as always for your support, from your friends at Living Free Animal Sanctuary.

PS, be sure to help us prevent this yearly challenge by having your pets spayed or neutered!

Photo: Kitten slippers at the Living Free Cattery
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Idyllwild Living Magazine

We were recently featured in the new Idyllwild Living Magazine. The article gives a very good overview of the work we’ve accomplished… and the work that continue to do each and every day.

Excerpt: Many people believe the number of unwanted animals is so overwhelming that there are not enough homes for all of them. “But the reality is that there are about FIVE homes available for every healthy, adoptable animal that will die in a shelter this year.” Living Free President & Executive Director Randall Harris says, “The number estimates vary but conservatively, about 25 million families will be in the market for a new pet this year. About 3.5 million will adopt from a rescue or shelter. That leaves about 20 million homes for the approximately 4 million animals that will die in shelters. When people realize their decisions can make a difference, they make different decisions.”
You can read the full article here.

Or read the PDF version: IL_V1I2_LivingFree article-3