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Cat Of The Week – Mr. Chaplin

Male, DSH Black & White. DOB: 10/08/13

Mr. Chaplin is a new rescue who, and after a brief period of time getting acclimated here, is now one of the more playful boys in the Cattery. Chaplin enjoys chasing and wrestling with his other “cat buddies” and anyone else who’ll join in. He’s a growing boy with a big appetite and usually takes a quick nap after breakfast before playing again. He can be a little shy at first, but once he gets to know you, he becomes a true friend. He has soft black & white fur, and enjoys brushing and a good back scratch. Chaplin would love to meet you the next time you visit Cattery #2.

Dog Of The Week – Cassius Clay

Male, Boxer. DOB: 8/8/11. Wt: 40 lbs

Cassius is high-spirited, playful and loves to be with people. His big brown eyes express his intelligence and desire to learn, which is just what he needs to become the best dog he can be. He does well with other well-socialized dogs and is house-trained with a doggie door. He loves to run and play in the park where he can work off some of that energy.

Cassius may be a little too much for very young children, and will need an owner or family that can provide training and activities to keep him occupied. He is waiting to show his unwavering loyalty and affection to that special family who chooses him.