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“Happy Tails” – Toby


Toby came to Living Free on January 16, 2013, underweight, matted and not trusting anyone.  Then one day, along came Charlene Volner looking for the “perfect” companion. When she saw Toby, that was it for her.  She adopted him in March of that year and away he went to share Charlene’s home with her and husband Lyn.

For the first six months, Charlene kept Toby close, helping him to feel more secure and to learn to trust her.  Finally, Toby began to come out of his shell and Charlene was able to take him to puppy training classes.  He went through all levels of training to learn how to socialize with other dogs and people.

Although Toby is a registered Service Dog, he continues his training with trainer, Wendy Jefferies. He is learning many things that will be helpful to Charlene. Toby, on more than one occasion, has awakened her when she is experiencing a medical problem.

Charlene says, “Toby is a love, he goes everywhere with me and even sits with me in the choir loft on Sunday mornings.”  All it takes is love, understanding and patience and even the most shy dog can find a place that is just right for him.

Cat Of The Week – Aloha

ALOHA – Female, Grey/White Torti. DOB: 8/30/14

If you want to meet a happy little ball of fur, visit our cattery and say “Hi” to Aloha! She’s feisty and fearless, and always ready to rumble with her brothers and sisters as well as with the staff and visitors. She seems to be in a good mood all the time, even when she first wakes up from a nap, and is constantly looking for some form of entertainment. Aloha has big bright eyes and a long soft coat that bounces when she chases her playmates around the room. Aloha loves plenty of company. She’d love a home with lots to do and loads of affection.

Dog Of The Week

Mazie – Female. Briard/Terrier Mix. DOB: 1/28/11. 50lbs.

Mazie has never experienced the touch and love of a human and because of this isolation, she is unsure and finds it hard to trust.

Her beautiful amber eyes express her desire to be loved and part of a family. She’s come a long way since arriving here. She follows her kennel mate, Neptune, around and has discovered that humans are okay. Mazie has begun to trust a little and is now willing to let the staff approach her. She is more readily able to let someone put a leash on her and take her for a walk. Mazie now enjoys a good brushing and will even roll over on her back and look you right in the eyes. Even shy dogs with a painful past learn that people can be good and life can be wonderful.

Mazie doesn’t particularly like to ride in a car. She is house-trained with a doggie door and gets along well with friendly, well socialized dogs. She will do best with a patient, affectionate owner who will take special care with her. The potential adopter should expect to have numerous visits with Mazie at Living Free in order to establish a bond of trust. With time and love, Mazie will come out of her shell and be the wonderful companion that is part of her sweet nature.

“Happy Tails” – Butterscotch & Nala

We picked up Butterscotch (formally known as Orange Julius) from Living Free on Thanksgiving morning last year. We were initially drawn to this cute little guy because of his friendly personality and the adorable natural kink in his tail. Our hope was to find a companion for our 4-year-old cat Nala. The two of them are getting along wonderfully, and we could not be more thankful! Butterscotch is a sweet, fun loving kitten, and he and Nala play together often. Our neighbors have noticed that Nala no longer cries for us when we have to go, now that she has her little brother Butterscotch. Ours was a happy household, made happier by our new addition Butterscotch.

Thank you so much, Living Free!


Dog Of The Week – Quinn

Quinn – Female, Chihuahua Mix. DOB: 7/16/11. 7lbs.

With her big doe eyes and her large ears, Quinn looks a lot like a miniature deer. She’s quiet and enjoys the company of other dogs. Quinn loves people and will make a wonderful companion to that special owner or family that will open their hearts to her.

Quinn likes going for walks and just being with someone. She is house-trained with a doggie door. We don’t know how she will be with cats, but with the proper introduction she’ll probably be fine. She will do well with children who respect pets, and will show her gratitude to that wonderful human who would bless her with a loving home.

Cat Of The Week – Mr. Aurora

MR. AURORA – Male, Grey & White Tabby. DOB: 4/06/14

Mr. Aurora’s warm and friendly personality has really started to shine since arriving here at Living Free. It took a while for him to relax and get used to his new surroundings, but with some patience and lots of affection, he’s now much more outgoing and playful. He enjoys the company of other cats and would love to move to a home with other feline friends and nice affectionate adopters. With a little patience and some treats, he’ll make a fine companion and friend.

Dog Of The Week

TEDDY – Male, Spaniel/Terrier Mix. 17 lbs. DOB: 12/18/13.

Teddy is a bundle of high-flying energy and approaches life with a great deal of enthusiasm. He’s young and needs a home that can provide structure and basic training. He loves everyone and wants nothing more than to be a part of a family.

Teddy is house-trained with a doggie door, but may need some helpful reminders. He gets along with other dogs and probably would be okay with cats if properly introduced. He enjoys a good romp in the dog park and would love to learn how to retrieve a ball or stick. He’d also like a family with children who respect him and want a friend to play with.

You’re welcome to fill out a Canine Adoption Application, call the Kennel at (951) 321-9982, or email them at kennel@living-free.org.

Cat Of The Week

DONIVEE – Female, Siamese Lynx Point. DOB: 8-06-09

Donivee is a remarkable beauty. She has long silky hair and pretty blue eyes. She also has a sweet, friendly personality to match her beauty on the outside.

Donivee took care of three young rescue kittens when they first arrived, as if they were her own. She easily makes friends with other cats and visitors, as well as with small dogs. She would easily fit in to a home with lots of activity or a nice quiet home with lots of “lap time”.

You’re welcome to fill out a Feline Adoption Application, call the Cattery at (951) 491-1898, or email them at cattery@living-free.org.

“Happy Tails” – Maggie

One day, Jerry and Linda came to Living Free in the hopes of finding a dog to become part of their family.  They saw Maggie, formerly known as Beauty, and decided she was the one for them.  Only Maggie was not sure they were the family for her.

Maggie was very shy, and did not trust anyone except the kennel staff.  Undeterred, Jerry and Linda worked out a plan to win her affection.  They came to visit Maggie several times a week for a number of months.  Sometimes they came separately and sometimes together.  Maggie took to Linda very quickly but had more difficulty trusting men, so Jerry had to work harder to gain her trust.

Finally, they were given permission to take Maggie home where Jerry and Linda became the center of the universe for her.  She began following them everywhere looking for love and affection.  She loves to play ball, play in the water at Lake Hemet and go riding in the car.  Jerry and Linda say that she still has some problems with loud noises and trusting men, but she is getting better all the time.  They are very happy with her and are glad they gave her the time that was needed for her to feel safe.

Love, patience, understanding and much determination was the key to finding a home for Maggie.  Many thanks to Jerry and Linda for believing in her, and for being willing to take the time that was needed for Maggie to show just how loving and sweet she could be.

“Howl & Yowl” Benefit 10.25.14

Enjoy a day in the life of Living Free — our annual Bluegrass Howl & Yowl. The benefit featured world-class musicians playing bluegrass, jazz and rock, and an afternoon filled with animal demonstrations and instruction.

Our first annual “Bluegrass Howl & Yowl” Benefit For The Animals was a huge success.  Amazing animal demonstrations, awesome music, great food, happy dogs, cats and people!