Founded in 1980, Living Free was among the first privately funded, no-kill animal sanctuaries rescuing cats and dogs from imminent shelter euthanasia. We carry on that mission today, and are working to increase public awareness so that soon all shelters can become no-kill. We believe every animal has a right to live with compassion and dignity, and we provide hope until they find their forever home.


Emily Jo Beard created a sanctuary where animals would be safely housed without being caged. It was designed to co-exist in harmony with the natural world surrounding it. Her compassion still inspires us, and each life saved is a tribute to her legacy.  READ MORE


The Cahuilla Indians first settled on our site, as evidenced by the many morteros and a ceremonial petroglyph.  Since then, it has been a cattle ranch, a logging camp, a stagecoach stop, a mountain retreat and film location for the 1920's Hollywood elite.  READ MORE


We rescue, rehabilitate and find permanent homes for healthy cats and dogs that were scheduled for shelter euthanasia.   We're also developing education, outreach and awareness initiatives to help end the needless suffering once and for all.  READ MORE  


The heart of Living Free.  Our staff and volunteers work tirelessly to rescue animals that would otherwise not survive, sometimes only being acknowledged with a quiet purr or a lick on the cheek.  And sometimes, that's enough. MEET THE TEAM

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