“Happy Tails” – Maggie

One day, Jerry and Linda came to Living Free in the hopes of finding a dog to become part of their family.  They saw Maggie, formerly known as Beauty, and decided she was the one for them.  Only Maggie was not sure they were the family for her.

Maggie was very shy, and did not trust anyone except the kennel staff.  Undeterred, Jerry and Linda worked out a plan to win her affection.  They came to visit Maggie several times a week for a number of months.  Sometimes they came separately and sometimes together.  Maggie took to Linda very quickly but had more difficulty trusting men, so Jerry had to work harder to gain her trust.

Finally, they were given permission to take Maggie home where Jerry and Linda became the center of the universe for her.  She began following them everywhere looking for love and affection.  She loves to play ball, play in the water at Lake Hemet and go riding in the car.  Jerry and Linda say that she still has some problems with loud noises and trusting men, but she is getting better all the time.  They are very happy with her and are glad they gave her the time that was needed for her to feel safe.

Love, patience, understanding and much determination was the key to finding a home for Maggie.  Many thanks to Jerry and Linda for believing in her, and for being willing to take the time that was needed for Maggie to show just how loving and sweet she could be.

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