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SARA. Female, DSH  Black Torti. DOB: 6/01/14

Sara is a fur ball of energy and excitement, her nickname being “Catch Me If You Can”. When approached by visitors, she darts away hoping to be chased. Since no one can keep up with her, she comes back to coax you into a game of tag. After pronouncing herself the winner, Sara returns once again to allow you to pet her. Most of the time she’d rather play than sit still, but she has her quiet moments when she appreciates curling up in your lap.

Sara has a soft coat with beautiful markings and big, bright eyes. She’d love for you to stop in and play with her the next time you’re at Living Free.

Dog Of The Week – Van Gogh

Van Gogh. Male, Terrier Mix. DOB:1/15/12. Wt: 10 lbs

Van Gogh is a big name for a little sweetheart. This guy’s gentle, loves to cuddle and gets along with the other dogs. He enjoys walking and romping in the park.

Van Gogh is house-trained with a doggie door. He wants to be a loving and constant companion to the right family or owner.

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